How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery

Obviously, batteries are essential to the life and health of your vehicle, but how long are they in commission before they need to get replaced? A dead car battery can put a severe damper if you find yourself stranded in Queen Creek or Apache Junction, so it would be helpful to know this information. Generally, your vehicle’s battery should be replaced once every four years to prevent severe battery issues. Schedule a MOPAR® battery change with us at our Courtesy CDJR of Superstition Springs service center today!



How Do You Know if Your Battery is Low?

Obviously, the telltale sign that your battery is low is if it doesn’t start. However, in order to catch some of these signs of a low battery before that, keep an eye for these symptoms:

  • Check your engine life
  • The engine sputters to a slow start
  • Dimmer car lights
  • Lower electrical power throughout your vehicle
  • Corroded battery connections
  • The battery case looks warped or misshapen

Typically, you’ll want to replace your battery if it is approaching three years old. Visit us at Courtesy CDJR of Superstition Springs near Tempe if you want to visit us for a battery load test to see if your vehicle’s fuel source is working properly.

Factors That Can Shorten Battery Life

You should consider driving habits and location as elements that can shorten battery life significantly, resulting in a battery change sooner than 3-4 years.

  • Climate & Location: Driving in a warmer climate will drain your battery quicker than if you find yourself driving in a cooler climate.
  • Driving Habits: If you drive more often, your battery has a little more time to charge. During your commute, try taking the longer way home for this exact purpose. Conversely, if you leave your vehicle sitting for long periods of time, the battery might drain quicker. Also, be sure to not leave the power on while the ignition is off, which can drain the battery quickly.

Get Your New MOPAR® Car Battery at Courtesy CDJR of Superstition Springs!

If you’re in need of a new battery for your vehicle, check us out at Courtesy CDJR of Superstition Springs for a quick and affordable battery change! Explore some of our service coupons to save even more. If you have any questions, contact us online or call us at 480-660-2605 to speak with us. We hope to be entrusted with your vehicle’s health soon!

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